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I have been writing poetry and stories since I was a child, and a love of reading was instilled in me from an early age. I am passionate about writing, and hope you enjoy the books I have written. Whilst most of you sleep soundly in your beds, like many Parkinson’s patients, insomnia dictates, so during those hours that sleep eludes me, the house is tranquil and quiet, an atmosphere perfect to immerse myself in writing. My life has been a series of strange events, which have without doubt contributed to my creativity. To publish anything is to bear one’s soul to the world. It is to stand naked and let everyone see who you really are. I have poured my heart and soul out on paper and I hope to share this journey, immersing you in a story, capturing your attention and firing the imagination. Through my writing and public speaking I hope to bring greater awareness to the general public about living with chronic disease.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Best Prognosis

Early diagnosis is vital with any disease, for the best prognosis. Treating a patient as early as possible can prevent permanent damage in some diseases; therefore time is of the essence. However many diseases have subtle and confusing symptoms often mistaken for other diseases and patients are misdiagnosed. Until a final diagnosis is made, the patient can experience much anguish and worry spanning months or even years. Not knowing what’s wrong, is probably the hardest part of being ill. Once a proper diagnosis has been ascertained, the patient can then begin the journey of acceptance, becoming informed and acquainted with symptoms and options regarding available medications. It is the unknown that is frightening and disconcerting.

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