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I have been writing poetry and stories since I was a child, and a love of reading was instilled in me from an early age. I am passionate about writing, and hope you enjoy the books I have written. Whilst most of you sleep soundly in your beds, like many Parkinson’s patients, insomnia dictates, so during those hours that sleep eludes me, the house is tranquil and quiet, an atmosphere perfect to immerse myself in writing. My life has been a series of strange events, which have without doubt contributed to my creativity. To publish anything is to bear one’s soul to the world. It is to stand naked and let everyone see who you really are. I have poured my heart and soul out on paper and I hope to share this journey, immersing you in a story, capturing your attention and firing the imagination. Through my writing and public speaking I hope to bring greater awareness to the general public about living with chronic disease.

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

PD Lingo

I am not a doctor and have no medical training, apart from taking a first aid course a few years ago, which I highly recommend, especially as statistics show the majority of accidents happen in the home. Anyone who suffers chronic disease, usually takes it upon themselves to become educated and fluent with the symptoms, medications and lingo associated with their particular illness. When I first started to hear the words dyskinesia, bradykinesia, dopamine, levodopa; these were all new to me. I felt as if I needed a special Parkinson's dictionary to make sense of all this medical lingo. Having now lived with Parkinson's for over six years, I am well versed with all the relevant terminology. I believe the more informed you are, the better your prognosis will be in coming to terms with a life changing disease such as Parkinson's or Gaucher disease. Now if you think the lingo relating to Parkinson's requires a little studying, the lingo related to Gaucher disease is even worse and you'll need to learn how to say lysosomal, Erlenmeyer flask deformity, bone infarctions, bone necrosis or glucocerebrosidase. These long medical words that are sometimes tongue twisters brings to mind a word from the film "Mary Poppins"; supercalifragilisticespedaliocious! Now if you can say that, you can say anything!

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